New Novel: Tour of Duty

What would you expect from the sixth novel of a writer and teacher of creative writing? A fiction novel that challenges most contemporary writing with character-based dramatic plots, love stories with love as deep emotional intrigue and selfless caring, and survival of Americans on an Air force base in France in the 1960s during the nuclear threat of a war with Russia?

What would you expect from this author of six award-winning novels; thirty-seven short stories, thirty-one acclaimed published essays on the writing process, twenty-nine interviews with established authors, teachers, editors–even a Pulitzer Prize winner, on how to create fiction stories; and a website about fiction story-writing with hundred of five-star reviews for fiction and non-fiction, and more than two million world-wide visitors.

Tour of Duty, by William H. Coles, released in August, 2022, has already received review-comments with excerpts such as:

*** I was thoroughly rewarded by this fascinating story and its unique setting, the likes of which I’d never even considered before. Coles has a knack for delivering cultural sensibilities and tensions, and presents realistic drama that hits deep in the reader’s heart, but never with any unnecessary fanfare or staged drama.

*** The tensions and fears of living in Western Europe, under the direct threat of imminent nuclear attack by the Soviets during the Cold War, is something that people struggle to understand these days, so I particularly appreciated the author’s touching on this tension and pressure in his narrative.

*** I was thoroughly rewarded by this fascinating story and its unique setting. The book delves into France’s history and the events surrounding the cold war. It is a masterful, historical, fictional novel written with insight. It is a fine work with extraordinary characters that effectively explores Europe’s prevailing circumstances following WWII. I loved this book. It is captivating and well-written.

The vast majority of readers who have read this novel have all had their expectations for a literary story, or any genre, exceeded. I’m an author who seeks maximum reader satisfaction. Would love to know your thoughts; you can contact me here in complete privacy: Tour of Duty Comments

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